hello hello! my name would be lindsay, because that is the name my parents have decided to give me. thanks mom, thanks dad. well, the reason i'm writing this is so that you can get to know me a little bit more? so, if you're still reading this, thank you very, very much. it really means the world that you're so interested in my uneventful life. i was born in the usa, also raised here, and still being raised because i'm only in my teen years. nice. well you're probably getting bored of me talking about my personal life, and i'll admit that i'm kind of bored too, so i'll just post random interests of mine and random pictures from here i guess.

incase you couldn't tell, i'm dearly in love with a girl named taylor alison swift.

the guy in my profile picture, yeah, his name is brendon urie. he's in a band called panic! at the disco, and he has ruined my life. in a good way.

chris colfer is a lovely human being, he is an author/producer/singer/actor. i love him so, so much.

honestly, darren criss is one of the biggest dorks that i know (don't know) and that's what i love about him. plus, he's very talented and he's a character from my favorite show, glee. alongside chris colfer.

hayley williams, i'm sure you've all heard of her because she is friends with taylor. she's in paramore, which happens to be one of my favorite bands ever. because who doesn't love paramore?

dianna agron is so, so, so beautiful. and so, so, so talented. it's actually pretty crazy how much i love this girl. she was also in glee, my favorite show, alongside darren criss and chris colfer.

dan howell is a youtuber, i'm sure that some of you knew that. but just incase you didn't. if you don't watch his videos already, i really recommend them. just saying. you won't regret it.

phil lester is also a youtuber, usually alongside dan howell, his best friend. i definitely ship the two together, but i guess there's really no way of knowing whether or not they're actually in a relationship or not. anyways, i love this dork. go watch his videos.

patrick stump is in fall out boy, which i'm sure most of you know, since taylor performed with them at the victoria's secret fashion show in 2013. i love this dork so, so much and i can't believe that someone could make me smile so much.

pete wentz, well this guy is also in fall out boy. he's incredibly talented just like the rest of the group, and i love him dearly.

drop a comment or send me mail, i don't bite. unless you're into that sort of thing. ((:

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    nice I Write Sins Not Tragedies remix on your profile, by the way.

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    Ha I love your location.

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    I'm doing fine, thank you! :)

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    Hi, thanks for the friend request! How are you?

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    Hey Lindsay, thank you for the friend request! Sooo did you buy 1989 today? :)

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    I hope you had a wonderful birthday Lindsay!!

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