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Where Should Taylor Bring Her 2015 WORLD TOUR?

Started 24 minutes ago by Jacob Watson
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Started 9 days ago by MakingUpForLostTime
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Last post 88 minutes ago by TaylorSwiftFan001

Album Five Sound

Started 44 hours ago by MadisonMH
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Re: Album Five Sound

Last post 11 hours ago by AprilSwiftie13

album #5

Started 3 days ago by kamryng13
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Re: album #5

Last post 24 hours ago by kamryng13

Guess the name of 'Album 5'

Started 26 hours ago by ComeBackBeHere_13
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Re: Guess the name of...

Last post 24 hours ago by AprilSwiftie13

Clues of Next Album (What I figured out)

Started 25 hours ago by BurningRed17
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Re: Clues of Next...

Last post 24 hours ago by AprilSwiftie13

Album 5 Title Theory

Started 3 days ago by Wide_Eyed_Sheerio
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Re: Album 5 Title Theory

Last post 25 hours ago by luvtswizzle

Song VS. Song + your favorite line from that song

Started 4 weeks ago by xswiftlovesme_
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Re: Song VS. Song +...

Last post 27 hours ago by cupcake swiftie 13

Why I don't think album 5 has anything to do with WINGS, or ROSES!

Started 11 days ago by WeWillBeRemembered_13
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Re: Why I don't think...

Last post 30 hours ago by youmakemefearless


Started 4 days ago by SwiftieAngel
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Last post 30 hours ago by youmakemefearless

Collab with One Republic on Album 5!!!

Started 6 days ago by TSwizzleShine13
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Re: Collab with One...

Last post 30 hours ago by youmakemefearless

iTunes Play Counts

Started 2 years ago by TheApprentice
8 replies
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Re: iTunes Play Counts

Last post 43 hours ago by TaylorSwiftFan01
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