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my photos of Taylor, taken at Cologne, London,...

Started 6 months ago by Marco sysma
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Re: my photos of...

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Taylor Swift did one photoshoot without make-up!

Started 4 years ago by Chel Lovestruck13
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Taylor Swift Hair

Started 4 years ago by Wonderstruck swifties
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Re: Taylor Swift Hair

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Favorite Photo of Taylor And Selena

Started 14 months ago by tanvi1
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2017 Calendar Photos

Started 3 months ago by Clueless
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Fave Shoes Taylor has worn!

Started 4 years ago by tswiftnation13
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Re: Fave Shoes Taylor...

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Which makeup look is best?

Started 4 years ago by runningwild
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Re: Which makeup look...

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Taylor without makeup!!!

Started 4 years ago by ForeverN'AlwaysaSwifty
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Re: Taylor without...

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This photo of Taylor is so funny and cute

Started 5 months ago by Thenumberis13
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Re: This photo of...

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The 1989 World Tour in Sydney, Australia

Started 8 months ago by SparksFlyBaby13
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Re: The 1989 World...

Last post 6 months ago by SparksFlyBaby13

Add a picture of Taylor when she was a kid

Started 15 months ago by TheNightThingsChanged
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Re: Add a picture of...

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2010 Speak Now Target Print Ad

Started 6 months ago by OutOfToner
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Re: 2010 Speak Now...

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Favorite Instagram Photos of Taylor

Started 7 months ago by Classic Red
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Your favorite polaroid photo from 1989 album

Started 21 months ago by anjeu67
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Re: Your favorite...

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