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What do you think will be in the VIP pack?

Started 11 days ago by FearlessStarlight
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Re: What do you think...

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1989 Song Book

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Have You seen This

Started 3 days ago by Sharon Loves Taylor Swift
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Incase anyone is interested...

Started 3 years ago by Tasha90
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Re: Incase anyone is...

Last post 34 hours ago by Tasha90

Where is the CDN store?

Started 41 hours ago by WorldsOldestSwiftie
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RE: Where is the CDN...

Last post 35 hours ago by CanadianSwiftFan

New Travel Mugs!

Started 8 days ago by FearlessStarlight
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Re: New Travel Mugs!

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1989 vinyl

Started 3 months ago by jnd1999
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Re: 1989 vinyl

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Canadian store down

Started 35 hours ago by FearlessSwiftie97
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1989 Karaoke CD+DVD

Started 4 days ago by all_too_well13
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Re: 1989 Karaoke CD+DVD

Last post 3 days ago by Taylorswifty

Petition for more sizes in official clothing!

Started 3 days ago by EnchantedBeauty
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Authentic vintage autograph?

Started 11 days ago by Den1226
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RE: Authentic vintage...

Last post 4 days ago by evergrn

Can't Access Store?? - Am I the only one?

Started 9 days ago by CryJustALittle
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2 new shirts coming soon!

Started 3 weeks ago by FearlessStarlight
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Re: 2 new shirts...

Last post 6 days ago by Tay13rASwift

You guys asked for it... Olivia and Meredith...

Started 8 days ago by Bubbajoe
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RE: You guys asked for...

Last post 7 days ago by TaylorSwiftIs1

Blank Space Single cd?!!!??? [Cover added]

Started 2 months ago by FearlessStarlight
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RE: Re: Blank Space...

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Petition for INTERNATIONAL 13 Days Of Taylor 2014

Started 5 weeks ago by OutOfToner
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Re: Petition for...

Last post 9 days ago by emmiejay