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Secret sessions

Started 6 weeks ago by Septic Swiftie
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Re: Secret sessions

Last post 11 days ago by Clueless

Meeting Taylor a year ago now, seems like...

Started 3 weeks ago by wayneprice72
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Re: Meeting Taylor a...

Last post 3 weeks ago by PaulMcCartney98

It was the night things changed... 9/12/13

Started 3 years ago by thesethingswillchange
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Re: It was the night...

Last post 5 weeks ago by Sweetftie

Taylor's VIP Backstage passes and other meeting...

Started 3 months ago by Zygodelic
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RE: Taylor's VIP...

Last post 3 months ago by Clueless

Loft 89/T party at F1 race?

Started 3 months ago by Amandylineeee
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Re: Loft 89/T party at...

Last post 3 months ago by Amandylineeee

The best people in life are free <3

Started 17 months ago by thesethingswillchange
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Re: The best people in...

Last post 3 months ago by K2snowboards

Meeting Taylor!!!

Started 5 years ago by LoveSparkleSwift
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Re: Meeting Taylor!!!

Last post 3 months ago by LittleSwizzle

I'll never get noticed by Taylor.

Started 24 months ago by MNMarissa13
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Re: I'll never get...

Last post 4 months ago by RL Jesus Christ

Meeting Taylor: 8/15/2015

Started 14 months ago by tswifts89
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Re: Meeting Taylor:...

Last post 5 months ago by Bella cullen swan

Won tickets for Taylor and me

Started 8 months ago by Bonaparte
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Re: Won tickets for...

Last post 5 months ago by demonsanddarling

The day Taylor noticed me on Tumblr.

Started 16 months ago by Camomille
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Re: The day Taylor...

Last post 7 months ago by Clueless

My Brother Helped Me Meet Taylor Swift.

Started 13 months ago by Jordan Dreyer
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Re: My Brother Helped...

Last post 7 months ago by Louiechops

I'm from Quebec and i want meet Taylor Swift...

Started 9 months ago by Tai Kushimura
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Re: I'm from Quebec...

Last post 7 months ago by Louiechops

Swifty Stories

Started 4 years ago by Wade34
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Re: Swifty Stories

Last post 8 months ago by Male SWIFTIE

How Am I even posting this? 7th Dec 2015, The...

Started 10 months ago by Tinylou13
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Re: How Am I even...

Last post 9 months ago by ChrisFafalios

Loft 89 ( share your stories)

Started 16 months ago by jmlindsey85
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Re: Loft 89 ( share...

Last post 10 months ago by LuckySwift