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Not staying logged in

Started 12 days ago by dreamimpossible
12 replies
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Re: Not staying logged in

Last post 54 minutes ago by TimeOfMyLife

How to change name

Started 20 hours ago by FlorenceDupuis
4 replies
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Re: How to change name

Last post 56 minutes ago by TimeOfMyLife

TC Deleted My Account!!!! (Swiftie911/2001)

Started 15 hours ago by likeadream
7 replies
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Re: TC Deleted My...

Last post 57 minutes ago by TimeOfMyLife

Can we do something about the Game section?

Started 2 hours ago by Taylor Swift Music World
1 reply
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Re: Can we do...

Last post 58 minutes ago by TimeOfMyLife

Gifs and Images in our signatures? help?

Started 6 days ago by State of Wonderstruck
7 replies
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Re: Gifs and Images in...

Last post 3 hours ago by Alireza

This isn't a suggestion but a question...

Started 14 hours ago by fireflamer5
0 replies

Swift Suggestions!

Started 5 days ago by Fearless Swiftie13
0 replies

Ignore function / block functiom

Started 2 weeks ago by JosephJES
3 replies
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Re: Ignore function /...

Last post 6 days ago by Shake It Off

gmail accounts used for 2 accounts on TC hacked?

Started 7 days ago by neoswiftie
1 reply
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RE: gmail accounts...

Last post 7 days ago by 13swiftie13ds


Started 4 months ago by swiftie911
50 replies
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Last post 8 days ago by JosephJES

Separate Tour Stop Thread Sections

Started 8 days ago by Swifty_1313
0 replies

Notifications when...

Started 3 years ago by Swifty13Pens11
7 replies
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Re: Notifications when...

Last post 8 days ago by Swifty_1313

How Many People With TC Founder Badge?!

Started 16 months ago by TrainRunOffATrack13
69 replies
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Re: How Many People...

Last post 8 days ago by Swifty_1313

Stopping the Drop Down Arrow

Started 2 months ago by ScubaStu
27 replies
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Re: Stopping the Drop...

Last post 8 days ago by Swifty_1313


Started 8 days ago by LaceUp23
1 reply
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Re: Points?

Last post 8 days ago by ImOutOfTheWoods

Category for Taylor Swift Contests

Started 3 weeks ago by Jessicawdodd
2 replies
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Re: Category for...

Last post 8 days ago by ScubaStu

Quoting People

Started 8 months ago by justgonnashake
21 replies
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Re: Quoting People

Last post 11 days ago by justgonnashake

Delete Blog Comments

Started 4 months ago by justgonnashake
17 replies
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Re: Delete Blog Comments

Last post 11 days ago by justgonnashake
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