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Taylor to have a concert at the F1 Grand Prix...

Started 4 months ago by TexasAud10
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RE: Taylor to have a...

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10 Year musical Tribute to Taylor - Glasgow on...

Started 2 months ago by wayneprice72
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Re: 10 Year musical...

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Started 14 days ago by alyssa l
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Met Gala Look

Started 2 months ago by MJ_Swift
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Re: Met Gala Look

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I'm flying from Scotland to Austin, TX to see...

Started 7 weeks ago by LiamC1234
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Re: I'm flying from...

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The Giver

Started 12 months ago by BrunetteTayTay
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Re: The Giver

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Taylor At BBC Radio One's Big Weekend

Started 13 months ago by sillentscreams
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Re: Taylor At BBC...

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Started 3 months ago by IM SORRY
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Jamie Oliver's New Version Of "Shake It Off" !!

Started 21 months ago by Swifty Since 2010
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Re: Jamie Oliver's New...

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Taylor on The Voice

Started 20 months ago by BrittniAmber315
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Re: Taylor on The Voice

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Movies-Taylor Swift

Started 15 months ago by Ambo
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Re: Movies-Taylor Swift

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Next time Taylor will be at a NYC appearance/tv...

Started 7 months ago by JerseySwiftie89
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Re: Next time Taylor...

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Taylor fans convention n UK/Ireland/Europe,...

Started 7 months ago by wayneprice72
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Re: Taylor fans...

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Bring Taylor Swift to Twitter's Live Steaming...

Started 8 months ago by t_swiz_sf
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Started 11 months ago by 13sparklers
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Re: VMAs

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Taylor at Kiis FM Jingle Ball!

Started 19 months ago by TheStarsThatShined13
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Re: Taylor at Kiis FM...

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13 Hour Meet & Greet !!

Started 4 years ago by Live2SpeakNow
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RE: 13 Hour Meet &...

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Liz Huett @ CMA Fest this year

Started 13 months ago by Douglas
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Re: Liz Huett @ CMA...

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Started 13 months ago by jazzie2198
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Re: Selling ONE TICKET...

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Billboard music awards virus-free stream...

Started 14 months ago by music in my mind 13
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Re: Billboard music...

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