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    Taylor Swift - song by me

    Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 8:25 PM Septic Swiftie 0 Comments

    ~Taylor Swift ~ Hey, I heard that, song on the radio We fell in love but we didn't fall fast I heard you like country oh But you didn't like girls Just a boy in this world Trying to be different Say the word And I will listen *Baby, Baby don't you cry It's be alright. Baby,Baby just love it,love it Like you do Taylor Swift You said, you didn't want to...

  2. I want somebody honest opinion if you go to vegetarian or vegan diet would it be healthy like people say it is. i did research nonstop its much of two sides like people say is it and than others say its not. I understand why people go vegan for the animals I think its sad what they do to the animal but i'm not sure if you go to vegan diet that its going to change. Framers do many thing they...

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    Taylor jury duty.

    Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 4:28 PM Amanda grace Swift 3 Comments

    Taylor Swift just got done doing jury duty. She's an amazing person for doing that. She even took pictures with some fans.

  4. I love stories like this one. Taylor just did jury duty in Nashville. She took a selfie with one of her fellow jurors who was a fan. How shocked would you be if Taylor showed up while you were doing jury duty? Here is an article about it:

  5. So I've already acquired a ticket to the Circuit of the Americas race because of course Taylor is going to be performing after the race Saturday evening, October 22nd. The thing is, I live in Florida and it's going to cost some money to book a flight and hotel. Money that I am willing to spend, but that no one else I know is.. I just really really would prefer not to go by myself. And it would...

  6. Oh my Swift gosh! Even though, I am a Swiftie fan like anyone else, they played a lot of songs such as... We Are Never Getting Back Together Out Of The Woods and of course Love Story Lol also, Wildest Dreams on my room xD So they need play more from the Taylor Swift albums and I really love it!! xD

  7. Hi, I havent logged on for quite some while now. I just got a notification that I have been logged in for a year!! Yay!! So much has happened in the world of Taylor, the breakup, new apple commercials, and her just being an amazing human being. Thank you Taylor Swift for inspiring all of us daily

  8. As promised, here’s my post that contains all of my Taylor Swift CDs and DVDs. There are a few missing from the pictures, but this is the majority of them. I’ve still got a long way to go before it’s anything significant (and a few broken cases to repair--thanks eBay), but there are a few pieces in here I’m still very proud of. I hope this is enjoyable for you, or at least...

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    I Wish....

    Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 3:34 AM Aman Thakur 0 Comments

    Well I'm a guy with not so crazy dreams and try to live my life to the fullest but I too have some desires which I always expected to come true. Every night I dream about meeting her somehow and after all she's a star so it's nearly impossible for a guy like me to reach her. I come from a country where she isn't active much and her songs aren't followed much...but just because of my...

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    facebook users swiftie!

    Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 1:08 AM nidhi_swiftie 0 Comments

    hey guys!! i was out for 15 months! now im back!! so guys i was online on Facebook hence i started a public group called "swifties forever!" so join it and lets ignite the number of swifties on this planed! :p [biggrin